Positran provides consultancy, education, training, and products in the areas of positive psychology.

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Based on the state of art research in the areas of positive scholarship, Positran proposes a programme of fourteen different topics organised into four training trails. These are delivered in a variety of formats, from “mini” taster sessions and keynotes, through to “midi” sized workshops and “maxi” programmes spreading over the course of two years.
Scholavie&Positran training positive education: "Happiness can be learned!"

Positive Psychology and Positive Education: Learning the skills of happiness

Positive Psychology Coaching / Certifications and next dates

Practitioner Certification Level 1 > 5-6 november + 3-4 december 2015 or 8-9-11-12 february 2016 or 10-11 march + 21-22 april 2016 ----- Advanced certification Level 2 > 9-10-12-13 may 2016 ----- Master Practitioner cert

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Positive psychology in a nutshell: the science of optimal functioning

Positive psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life, such well-being, psychology of happiness, flow, personal strengths, wisdom, creativity, imagination and characteristics of positive groups and instituti

Positive leadership

How can we develop effective teams, in which the commitment, the meaning and tangible results outweigh the stress? How to enable professionals to confidently deploy their strengths and their potential for innovation? How

Positive enterprise

Can economic performance be improved through leveraging psychological performance? What does the science say about the well-being of people at work? Advances in positive organizational scholarship and positive organizati

Happiness and well-being drivers

Is happiness a goal? A pursuit? A state? A way of living? Even if these complex questions have not been fully answered to date, we are discovering more and more about happiness and well-being daily, exploring their myste

Building resilience and psychological capital

Resilience is rapidly emerging as the cornerstone of current management practices. Continuing recession, increased competition as a result of globalisation and outsourcing, major demographic changes (generation Y, ageing

Character strengths and employee engagement

Current management literature suggests that one of the best, if not the best, ways to achieve employee engagement is through recruiting, training and developing for strengths. A strength is conceptualised as “a pre-exi

Optimal motivation

Recent well-being science has been able to deliver groundbreaking findings on the motivation processes, allowing us to better understand the drivers of motivation, as well as the process of gradual change from extrinsic

Positive psychology coaching

In what way can coaches usefully incorporate positive psychology into their practice? How can a business coach frame the validated positive psychology interventions in a context that is appropriate for a corporate client

From time management to time affluence

Time is an important issue for most people especially in the West. We spend it, we save it, we lose it, we waste it, we run out of it, we never have enough of it. The European Quality of Life Survey reveals a strong corr

Creativity and innovation for the world of complexity

Today’s problems often require unorthodox, creative solutions. Creativity is within each one of us, yet, for the majority, it is not the resource we tap into sufficiently. Unfortunately, the complexity of modern organi

The meta-skills of change

All of us are familiar with the fact that unhealthy habits are notoriously hard to change. We will first examine some barriers to making a successful change, such as our beliefs, low levels of self-regulation, our “imm

Positive education: developing the skills of flourishing and well-being

Positive education is a new area that brings together the findings of positive psychology and education, with the aim of providing students with psychological knowledge and skills that can help them to live a life of flo

Building resilience in children & adolescents

Life is a bumpy journey and everyone experiences setbacks and makes mistakes. All students at times face challenges in learning and in relationships; and some of these challenges can be substantial. All students (and tea

Sustainable happiness worldwide

In July 2011 the UN General Assembly resolution on “Happiness: Towards a Holistic Approach to Development” was passed by consensus by all the 193-member states. This clearly indicates the emergence of a global moveme


Psychology for positive transformation

  • Positran is a boutique consultancy dedicated to achieving transformation through positive psychology.
  • It provides specialised consulting services, education, training, and products in the areas of positive psychology, well-being, personal and organisational change, executive coaching, leadership, resilience and positive education all over the world.
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The science of happiness and well-being

  • The last 15 years saw substantial research advances in the fields of positive psychology and well-being, meaning that we can now reliably measure happiness and flourishing, and can identify their causes and consequences. GDP and other measures of financial progress are increasingly complimented by non-financial indicators of well-being and quality of life, such as GNH (Gross National Happiness)…
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Happiness and resilience can be taught

  • What do you most want for your children? If you had to choose just one answer, would it be to be rich, to be successful or to be happy? What can research tell us about how to best equip our kids for the future to come?
  • Watch the video of Dr Ilona Boniwell talking about positive education at TEDxHull
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MAXI format Read more

MAXI format

Certification Courses: A learning journey over a minimum of ten days, combining theoretical and applied elements. See Executive Certificates on Positive Leadership and Positive Performance in the catalogue of Ecole Centrale Paris. MAPP...

MIDI format Read more

MIDI format

Workshops: One or two-day long interactive workshops, combining theory and practice. These workshops are often aimed at professional audiences, such as managers, psychologists or educators. Please see Ilona’s CV for multiple...

MINI format Read more

MINI format

Bite-Size: Intensive hands-on 90-minute interventions for groups of up to 15 people. Keynotes: Invited presentations (30 to 60 minutes long) for audiences from 30 to up to 2,000 people. Ilona has given over...

About us

Dr Ilona Boniwell heads the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology(I-MAPP) at Anglia Ruskin University (UK and France). She also teaches positive management at l’Ecole Centrale Paris and HEC Business School, as well as consults businesses and educational institutions around the globe as a Director of Positran, a boutique consultancy dedicated to achieving transformation through positive psychology. Dr Boniwell wrote or edited six books and multiple scientific articles, delivered over 150 keynotes and invited presentations, founded the European Network of Positive Psychology, organised the first European Congress of Positive Psychology (2002) and was the first vice-chair of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). She is a current monthly columnist and blogger for the Psychologies UK and Russia... read more

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