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Our consulting activity has the aim to create positive value to the organisations by using organisational positive psychology’s science and practice to increase their results.
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We provide targeted solutions for company, organisation, association and school needs.

Our methodology

Our 20 years of experience in positive psychology gives us a unique perspective on the difficulties you may encounter, and we use scientific research to develop sustainable solutions that work for you. Our advice can include a diagnosis that allows us to conduct a qualitative and scientific study of your needs; recommendations solutions and adapted interventions to implement required change (in the form of e.g. training, workshops, tailored conferences).

How does a consultation with positran take place?

HR consultancy

We provide targeted solutions for company, organisation, association and school needs.

Our different diagnostic tools :

•  Positive Organisational Profile©

•. Positive leadership Profile©

•. Energy Index©

•  Consistency index of values©

Each consultation, whether it lasts 10 minutes or 10 months, inevitably goes through 5 steps:

1. Needs analysis

 Through a telephone call or face to face meeting, Positran ascertains your needs and expectations.

2. Data collection and analysis

If necessary, we use one of the following 4 scientific diagnostics to gather data: Positive Organisational Profile (POP), Positive Energy Index, Values Consistency Index or Positive Leadership Profile. If a quantitative analysis is not necessary, we use qualitative questioning.

3. Feedback and proposals

We reduce a large amount of data to a small number of actionable points and present the results to you. The results allow us to work together to select the best science- based interventions.

4. Implementation

This involves setting up a detailed schedule. This can take different forms: training, product/tool development, collective and/or individual coaching. Our interventions use modern methodological approaches, such as Escape Games, Lego Serious Play, Appreciative Inquiry and Job Crafting.

5. Evaluation

We evaluate the actions implemented, organise a meeting with you to present our findings and discuss if further action should be considered.

Our added value

Leading company in positive psychological training

  • Led by Pr. Ilona Boniwell, pioneer in Europe since 1999 and world-class expert in the field of positive psychology.
  • Accredited Training Company (SAS 15.000 € stakes )
  • Provides: training, consulting and conferences (Europe, United States, Asia, Africa)

Treats vital performance problems in companies

• High turnover

• Disengagement

• Mental health

• Decrease in productivity

Based on scientific knowledge

  • Scientific research findings on positive organisations :
    • Psychology and Positive Leadership (Kim Cameron)
    • Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider)
    • Resilience (Martin Seligman)
  • Responds practically to real organisational problems.

With management consulting and tailor-made interventions, we have responded to the demands of many international clients. We have developed, for the Government of Dubai (Ministry of Happiness), a complete positivity kit, carried out a diagnosis of well-being and commitment at work, using our Positive Organizational Profile, for the company Saham Assistance (Morocco), created a certificate of Higher Studies in Leadership and Positive Organizational Psychology in Singapore, intervened for Mars on their strategy for employee well-being, and designed numerous specific training courses in France and around the world (Sodexo, iWips, DB&A, Centillion).

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