CD the learning of imperfection


Funny, accessible, reassuring, a small treatise to free oneself from an insidious evil: perfectionism. After the success of The Learning of Happiness, an indispensable workbook to learn to accept yourself, even if imperfect, and finally to be yourself. To surpass yourself. Always do better. Be more efficient. Every day, we set ourselves impossible objectives. And the higher our performance requirements, the more pressure we are under, seized by doubt, paralysed by fear of failure, condemned to permanent frustration. In this audio book, Tal Ben-Shahar encourages us to free ourselves from the quest for impossible perfection. It offers us a wealth of simple and intelligent exercises to learn to be “good enough” parents, practice compassion for oneself, hunt for “yes but”, give oneself “permission to be human”, apply the “golden rule of the right middle ground”… Recipes to accomplish us in complete freedom, an irresistible manual to be good and above all not perfect!

Recorded by Guila-Clara Kessous, former student of Tal Ben-Sahar at Harvard University.

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