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Our consulting activity aims to create positive value in organisations by using organisational positive psychology’s science and practice to enhance their effectiveness.

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Our methodology

Our consultancy is an offer of expert advice and guidance in the field of positive psychology based on our 20 years of experience that give us a unique perspective on your issues and enable us to use scientific logic to develop sustainable solutions that work for you. Our clients are as varied as SMEs, international corporations, national or local governments, think tanks, education providers, PR agencies or training institutions.

What is the value proposition of positive psychology in the real world? Is the premise of positive psychology as constructive and focusing on helping us to get more of what we want (resilience, well-being, engagement, etc.) sustainable in real-life situations? Join us on our consultancy journey to find out.

How does a consultation with positran take place?

Each consultation, whether it lasts 10 minutes or 10 months, inevitably goes through 5 phases:

1. Entry and contracting

Understanding the needs of the clients and defining the problem or challenge.

2. Data collection and analysis

If necessary and desired by the client, we use one of the following 4 scientific diagnostics to gather data: Positive Organisational Profile (POP), Positive Energy Index, Values Consistency Index or Positive Leadership Profile. If no quantitative input is required, we use qualitative questioning and analysis instead.

3. Feedback and the decision to act

We aim to reduce a large amount of data to a manageable number of issues and present the information back to the client. The results allow us and the client to select the best science-based action steps/interventions.

4. Implementation

This involves carrying out the planning of the previous step. This can take different forms: training, product/tool development, collective and/or individual coaching. Our interventions utilise modern disruptive methodological approaches, such as Escape Games, Lego Serious Play, Appreciative Inquiry, Job Crafting, bite-size learning, experiential labs, etc.

5. Evaluation, extension, termination

We evaluate the main event/implementation, hold a “lessons learned” meeting with the client and consider if an extension of the project is necessary.

Use a scientific approach for sustainable performance!

In order to achieve sustainable performance for your company or organisation, you need to think how to achieve engagement and well-being for all. Indeed, engagement appears as the main psychological predictor of effectiveness, efficiency, performance at work, more than well-being which, alone, is not always predictive of better performance. On the other hand, well-being complements  engagement and enables optimal human functioning over the long term.

To achieve these ends, scientific research has identified 3 main categories of levers on which to intervene: the work environment, personal resources and the role of work. The 18 resulting scientific levers can be used to achieve desired results. Based on your strengths and specific needs, we will help you find and reinforce required levers, in a playful and concrete way, and enable you to achieve sustainable performance.

Our scientific model Positive Organisational Profile© (POP)


With management consulting and tailor-made interventions, we have responded to the demands of many international clients. We have developed a comprehensive Positivity at Work Toolkit for the Government of UAE, carried out a diagnostic of well-being and engagement at work using our Positive Organisational Profile at Saham (Moroco), designed a teacher training academy for Sana Education (Morocco), created a Post-Graduate Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership in Singapore, consulted Mars, Incorporated on their employee well-being strategy and conceived many dedicated training programmes in France and beyond. Below are some notable examples of our international consultancy projects undertaken and in progress:

Prime Minister’s Office,

Development of a comprehensive Positivity at Work Toolkit and training hundreds in Chief Happiness Officers in the utilisation of this toolkit. This project was followed by using our Positive Organisational Profile tool to survey 40,000 public sector employees, reporting results to the Government, and by developing a well-being certification for UAE organisations.

The Royal Government of Bhutan

Project management of the International Experts Well-Being Group working on public policy recommendations for happiness-based development paradigm at the request of the Royal Government of Bhutan and the UN.

Piguet Galland,

Consultancy around the levers to enhance and sustain positivity and performance at work and using the Positive Organisational Profile to carry out a comprehensive diagnostic.

Centillion Education,

Development of a bespoke comprehensive soft skills curriculum (3 to 10 years olds) for a private provider of pre-school and after-school education in Guangzhou, China. Training the whole internal team in the delivery of the curriculum.

Sana Education,

Development of the Teacher Training Academy concept and the corresponding curriculum for teacher training and selection based on positive education for a group of private schools.

Saham Assurance, Morocco

Using the Positive Organisational Profile and Values Coherence Index to survey the well-being and performance of employees in order to advise on workable solutions.

Ecole Active Bilingue,

Implementing Personal Wellbeing Lessons and SPARK Resilience programmes in schools in Paris and Lille, including teacher training, mentoring and impact research.


Consultancy on the psychological underpinnings of the group dynamics in order to design the first pedagogical escape game.

The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore & Japan

Advising on the teaching curriculum and developing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership and consequently articulating it to the award of the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.


Member of the Academic Board for many years, Professor Ilona Boniwell consulted the UK’s leading training provider on the development of their solutions and the Parent Gym offer.

GESS (Global Education Supplies and Solutions), Dubai

Recurrent keynote speaker, workshop leader and consultant on this major international education gathering. Consulting for the United Emirates Ministry of Education on the development of their positive education strategy as part of the event.
Club Med

Club Med, France

Consuting a major holiday provider using evidence-based approaches and practices from Positive Psychology.

Haberdasher’s Aske’s Academies Federation, UK

Development of a comprehensive Well-Being Curriculum ( 3 to 18 years olds) for a group of schools, including teacher training, mentoring and impact research.

Northamptonshire Primary Care Trust, UK

Flourishing Communities Initiative. Providing research, consultancy, training and mentoring to key NHS professionals on raising well-being of the county and integrating a well-being approach into service commissioning and delivery. The project was undertaken in collaboration with nef’s Well-Being Centre (the lead partner).

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Research evaluation of the DYI Happiness Project, that aims to improve individual and community health and well-being by exploring new ways to promote positive mental health from a ‘whole population’ perspective and by encouraging people to explore what ‘subjective well-being’ or happiness might mean to them.
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Newham Primary Care Trust, UK

The development, delivery and empirical validation of a SPARK Resilience Curriculum to increase the resilience capacity and school performance of participating children. The programme has been rolled out across several schools within East London, as both a universal and targeted intervention.

Mars, Incorporated,
The Netherlands

Consulting on the development of the well-being framework and employee well-being strategy.

Harrow Police and the Young Foundation, UK

Development of an Emotional Resilience Programme “Face Up” for teenagers in trouble with law and training support staff (youth workers, police officers) in its delivery.

Brave Public Relations, UK

Developing a “perfect holiday formula” for Butlins with components grounded in positive psychology literature and recent survey and interview data.

Richmond Towers Communications, UK

Devising one-year long schedule of on-line well-being interventions for Alpro Soya Year of Well-Being project.

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