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Positran is a boutique consultancy dedicated to achieving lasting transformation through the application of positive psychology and related disciplines to real world issues. We provide specialised consulting services, education, training, and products in the areas of positive psychology, well-being, engagement, personal and organisational change, executive coaching, leadership, resilience and positive education all over the world.

The mission of Positran is to translate cutting edge research findings into tangible strategies and actions that real people can use to improve their well-being and performance. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with positive psychology solutions grounded in research and 20+ years of experience within companies, education and governmental institutions. 


Current models of organisations are no longer adapted to the realities of the 21st century; there are increased cases of disengagement, depression, suicide, absenteeism, burnout and presenteeism. Positran targets the development of positive business performance both socially and economically. This new paradigm goes beyond simple stress reduction or corporate social responsibility of a company.

Our goal is to go straight to the heart of the well-being potential in organisations in order to allow them to evolve from a “survival” functional perspective to one that values ‘fulfilment’. In this type of organisation, employees are not motivated by fear, but by a unified view of their business; employees will see money as a reward for a job well done and not as a goal in itself and view their work as a calling.

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Positran specialises in identifying and creating levers that enable higher engagement, higher well-being and better results for the employer, employees, customers, business and society as a whole. We achieve these goals through consultancy and a variety of targeted training courses for executives, middle managers, consultants, trainers and coaches.

As for our educational systems, they are still often obsolete, with schools that have little time for skills that enable children and youth to thrive in the complex world that awaits them.

Positive education aims to develop skills such as well-being, self-confidence, resilience and optimal functioning in children, teenagers, parents and educators. It is a preventative and empowering approach to well-being and resilience in education.  Positran offers practical well-being and resilience training programmes based on the latest scientific evidence to educators worldwide.


These past 20 years have seen the development of research in the fields of positive psychology, welfare economics, quality of life, neuroscience, research on positive organisations and positive organisational behaviour.

Nowdays we can reliably measure happiness, engagement and flourishing, and identify their causes and consequences. Positran helps you to analyse complex life and professional situations through scientific lenses in order to identify the best way forward. However, measuring and theory are not enough, nor are the stand-alone positive psychology interventions such as “three blessings” or “gratitude visit” that are often perceived as too simplistic and not adapted to the realities of the business life, executive coaching or educational context. We offer training, coaching and education practitioners a tangible and real-life tested ‘toolkit’ that enables them to translate positive psychology concepts to action in a ‘nuts and bolts’ way.


Most of us dream about changing something, but we mustn’t be naive about the realities involved in transformation. Deliberate and lasting change is a mysterious creature that does not like to be trapped and is better viewed as systemic.

How do you know that we can help you to achieve a change? Have a good look at our track record – training thousands of positive psychology professionals around the world, working with the Government of the UAE to transform the world of work, working with top companies such as L’Oréal, Club Med, Microsoft and Randstad, developing five positive education programmes implemented in different corners of the world, creating tangible and digital tools to achieve positive transformation.

Welcome to the journey together!

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