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Positran offers services and interventions in companies and communities to improve the well-being and employees’ engagement. Find out what do we do and how could you choose between different formats

Positive psychology at work: solid scientific evidence!

Many popular approaches are called “positive psychology” but offer nothing more than a certain basic knowledge without any real scientific foundation or practical and concrete adaptation to the reality of companies. Yet positive psychology at work is a real science with tangible and applicable results. Thanks to its fields of research in the world of work (Positive Organisational Scholarship, Positive Organisational Behaviour, Positive Leadership), it offers numerous theoretical and empirical studies considered useful by managers, HR professionals, coaching, training and support professionals for sustainably improving engagement, well-being and performance.

yes to well-being and engagement in the workplace!

Finally, a scientific approach for sustainable performance!

In order to achieve sustainable performance for your company, you need to think how to achieve engagement and well-being for all. Indeed, engagement appears as the main psychological predictor of effectiveness, efficiency, performance at work, more than well-being which, alone, is not always predictive of better performance. On the other hand, well-being complements  engagement and enables optimal human functioning over the long term. To achieve these ends, scientific research has identified 3 main categories of levers on which to intervene: the work environment, personal resources and the role of work. The 18 resulting scientific levers can be used to achieve desired results. Based on your strengths and specific needs, we will help you find and reinforce required levers, in a playful and concrete way, and enable you to achieve sustainable performance.

Our scientific model Positive Organisational Profile© (POP)


3 types of possible interventions:

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