SPARK Resilience: Building resilience in children and teenagers

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As the recent Covid-19 experience has demonstrated, life is a bumpy journey on which everyone experiences setbacks. All students face challenges in learning and in relationships; and some of these challenges can be substantial. Students (as well as teachers) need to learn the skills to be resilient and bounce back. SPARK Resilience Programme,  a universal school-based positive education programme, was originally developed for deprived neighbourhoods in East London and is now being implemented in the UK, Japan, France and Singapore, having undergone multiple updates.

The programme builds on cognitive-behavioural therapy and positive psychology concepts (i.e. resilience, post-traumatic growth)  with the explicit goal of fostering resilience and associated skills as well as preventing depression. The programme is delivered in 12 one-hour sessions across 3-4 months and is accompanied by extensive teaching materials (i.e. teacher’s guidebook with detailed curriculum for each session, videos and slides, props, and workbooks for participating children).

SPARK Resilience teaches students how to challenge their interpretation of adverse situations and consider other alternatives by putting their parrots ‘on trial’, understanding and modifying their automatic emotional responses, and learning to control negative behavioural reactions. To help students understand these concepts, they are introduced to the ‘Parrots of Perception’––imaginary creatures representing common maladaptive cognitive distortions. Also, students are introduced to skills of assertiveness and problem solving and are helped to build their ‘resilience muscles’ through identifying their strengths, social support networks, sources of positive emotions and reflection on previous experiences of resilience and self-efficacy.

First, participants receive extensive training in adult resilience skills, followed by hands-on training for teaching age appropriate skills to students.

Learning objectives:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of what resilience is and how it can be developed.
  • To apply the adult-level version of these skills to your own life.
  • To become proficient in teaching primary and secondary school children resilience skills.

Contact form:

Available formats:


From 45 to 90 minutes
max 20 participants


From 1 to 3 days
max 20 participants


From 1 to 2 hours
Capacity to determine according to the chosen format


If you are working in the UAE, Netherlands, Singapore and Japan, please contact us to discover how your school or your organisation can benefit from the programme.

If you are working in France or any other country that uses French as the principal language, you might like to follow our Positive Education Certification that will lead you to becoming certified in the SPARK Resilience Programme.

If you are working anywhere else in the world, please contact the Partnership for Children to book a training course or become a licensed trainer.

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