ISTEP intervention

Positive Education Interventions


The iSTEP programme, ‘Innovation, Science and Techniques in Positive Education’ enables participants to access the scientifically validated knowledge and skills related to various components of well-being and apply these successfully. The iSTEP programme is developed for parents and educators who want to learn more about positive education and consists of 8 engaging stand-alone positive education workshops to build the potential, confidence and well-being of young people. Perfectly versatile, used in face-to-face and on-line learning environments, as a programme or a one-off session, iSTEP is simply the best brief positive education solution on the market.


  • Happiness can be learnt
  • Emotions under the microscope
  • Light as an elephant: Mindfulness and the body
  • The stellar recipe for positive relationships
  • Addicted to learning: What can video games teach us about motivation?
  • Build self-confidence and inspire it in others
  • What superhero are you: Identify and develop your strengths
  • Creativity and skills for the 21st century


Participants will leave with comprehensive iSTEP materials (i.e. programme leaflet, all PowerPoints with detailed teaching scripts and associated tangible tools). This will enable them to teach iSTEP to other parents and educators and run interactive sessions in schools with students and colleagues.

What We Offer

  • Interactive workshops for parents and educators.
  • Flexibility in workshop duration – from 45 mins to 4 hours.
  • Extensive training materials and tools.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop a positive educator mindset.
  • Learn well-being theory and practice multiple positive education interventions.
  • Become proficient in teaching iSTEP workshops and using associated resources.

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Available formats:


From 45 to 90 minutes
max 20 participants


From 1 to 3 days
max 20 participants


From 1 to 2 hours
Capacity to be determined


1h30 to 1 day
max 20 participants

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