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Well-being and Resilience Coaching: Online coaching interventions for the whole school community

Providing personalised one to one support for school staff, leaders, parents and young people – well-being coaching is a proactive approach which helps to identify personal areas for development and concrete ways forward in achieving these.


Our coaching develops sustainable well-being and resilience skills through the use of evidence-based coaching and positive psychology tools and strategies. We are solution focused and coach through a strengths and well-being lens.


What We Offer

  • 1:1 personalised and confidential coaching online sessions.
  • Small group sessions and workshops.
  • Qualified coaches and positive psychology practitioners.
  • Explore personal well-being and resilience needs.
  • Develop self-reflection techniques.
  • Learn sustainable evidence-based strategies and tools to take proactive steps forward.

Our coaching is available 1:1 in packages of six one-hour sessions over a period of six weeks. Small group session and workshop timings can be tailored to specific needs. We offer digital pre-session preparation material as well as follow up support.

School Staff:

School staff work in a profession that is high in emotional labour – combined with changing demands from educational initiatives and competing priorities, this can have a detrimental impact on personal well-being. Stress, anxiety and poor working relationships can lead to disillusionment, presenteeism and increased absences from work. Championing staff well-being through the use of coaching interventions provides individuals with the opportunity to develop positive practical strategies to manage change and face challenges. Well-being coaching empowers and values the professionals who are the backbone of your school.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase self-awareness and overall well-being.
  • Change perceptions and reactions to stressors.
  • Build a toolkit of sustainable personal resources.
  • Enhance work satisfaction and productivity.
  • Utilise well-being skills and strategies at work and home.


Parents, like everyone, have personal well-being needs. Often, they face additional stresses that can come from balancing work and family responsibilities. Positive relationships within a family are core to its well-being and the parent-child relationship is both rewarding and complex. Well-being coaching can help develop positive strategies when dealing with stress and change, explore positive parenting techniques and highlight the immense rewards that come from building both personal and family well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop self-awareness and personal resilience.
  • Change perceptions and reactions to stressors.
  • Build positive parenting strategies.
  • Enhance family well-being and positive relationships.
  • Build a toolkit of sustainable evidence-based well-being resources.

Young People (13+):

Our youth face many challenges – from family dynamics, navigating changing peer relationships, dealing with academic demands and pressures, to developing a sense of self and looking to the future. Emotional awareness, regulation and resilience skills are key to managing change and help to develop positive relationships, self-confidence and express personal aims and goals. One to one well-being and resilience coaching sessions are tailored to each young person’s needs, engaging them in identifying and articulating personal aims/goals and actively involving them in finding concrete ways forward. Our coaching interventions can enhance personal mood and experience of positive emotions, effectively empowering young people by providing them with a supportive platform to share their voice.


Learning Objectives

  • Set personal goals and explore solutions.
  • Develop awareness of strengths and self-confidence.
  • Learn self-awareness and regulation strategies.
  • Foster positive relationships with others.
  • Build a bank of sustainable ‘go to’ positive evidence-based well-being strategies.

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Available formats:


ix one-hour sessions over a period of six weeks


Small group session and workshop timings can be tailored to specific needs.
ix one-hour sessions over a period of six weeks

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