Time efficacy @ work

Workplace solutions

Finally have time to get everything done!

  • Learn to be satisfied with the way you use your time.
  • Find solutions to the difficulties created by electronic communications.
  • Understand the difference between objective and subjective time, and the impact of each on stress.
  • Identify your behaviour in the face of time and your fundamental priorities.
  • Identify the most appropriate attitude towards time management.
  • Develop resilience to the pressures of time perception and work-life balance.
  • Optimise your work-life balance.
  • Optimise and sustain a change in behaviour in the face of time.


  • Professionals with a work overload and increased risk of stress-related psycho-social problems.

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Available formats:


From 45 to 90 minutes
max 20 participants


From 1 to 3 days
max 20 participants


From 1 to 2 hours
Capacity to determine according to the chosen format


1h30 to 1 day
max 20 participants

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