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Coaching Cubes, a tool that integrates into the coaching process in a simple and effective way!

Tool only available in ENGLISH.

Generally speaking, the objective of coaching is to develop and reveal the intrinsic resources of individuals. This process allows us to take a step back when we are bogged down in our thoughts, when we doubt our abilities or when we hesitate to seize an opportunity that presents itself. When we are confused or destabilized by a challenge, coaching helps us to find the answers that are right for us, so that we can follow our own path. One of the most effective techniques to help someone develop their own thinking is to encourage questioning. Indeed, when they are well formulated, questions engage us in action, provoke new reflections, shed light on current issues by allowing us to take a fresh look at situations, in the light of our past experiences.

This set of 6 “Coaching Cubes” offers 36 questions in English, targeted and adapted to any coaching situation.

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Coaching Cubes are designed to be used as dice. Colourful, fun and easy to handle, they fit perfectly into the coaching process according to the following colour code:

The green cube explores positive personal and professional aspects that affect representations and mood.

The blue cube identifies the key people in the situation for a fine perception of the context.

The orange cube creates changes in perspective to revisit the subject, allow the emergence of new conceptions and open the field of action.

The pink cube illuminates ideas and makes our values vibrates to envisage coherent solutions.

The purple cube initiates movement and facilitates energising action.

The red cube guides the first steps, encourages and accompanies change.

The Coaching Cubes are above all a professional tool.

Coaches, psychologists, therapists, youth workers, guidance counsellors, managers and human resources specialists can use it in individual sessions to accompany their clients or employees.

The Coaching Cubes can also be used for a pair or small group exercise during group training sessions. Individuals could also use them as a self-coaching tool.

A few examples illustrating the various possibilities of using the Coaching Cubes:

Supporting the coaching process from start to finish
The cubes can be used to shape an entire coaching session from “exploring the positives” with the green cube to “deciding on actions” with the red cube. Used separately or all together, they combine questions that revisit situations as they are launched.

Facilitating self-coaching
Want to work on a question of your own? Toss a cube and answer the question. Start over with another cube and note the thoughts that emerge in your consciousness and the ideas that appear. Little by little, your mind becomes more flexible, a change is taking place in your thinking.

Helping to relax during the coaching process
Engaging in a coaching process can be heavy and intense, the use of the cubes allows the person being coached to refocus by manipulating them and to reduce pressure, notably by lightening eye contact.

Promote ownership of the process
Actively involve the person you are working with by letting them choose which dice to roll or which questions to answer to encourage their active participation and involvement.

Support peer coaching or gain coaching experience
The Coaching Cubes give everyone easy access to thirty-six useful questions, clearly formulated to cultivate introspection but also our ability to invite the other to discernment.

Getting out of the bog down
When the exchanges seem to come to nothing, roll all the dice, look at all six questions together and let the person being coached turn to the one that resonates most with them, in order to look at the situation from a new angle.

To avoid the “Why don’t you…”, “Yes, but…”, “Yes, but…”, “Yes, but…”, “Yes, but…”,
Rolling the dice and asking questions that do not contain any advice can have a guilt-reducing effect for truly constructive and revitalising exchanges.

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