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HEX is a research-based tool that combines images, words, and symbols to enable learning, creative collaboration and shared action. Through narratives that explore deeper meaning, the use of HEX helps the facilitator, leader, teacher and many others accelerate insights and learning related to positive psychology, goal setting, and creativity. HEX is appropriate for children, teens and adults. Used globally and available in English, French and Danish


HEX consists of 200 cards:

  • 105 images
  • 78 words (of which 24 are from VIA character strengths)
  • 17 symbols

  As well as a 60-page guide that includes:

  • The science behind HEX, including introduction to positive psychology and the use of narratives in positive psychology
  • The Hands On Thinking™ (HOT) method
  • Getting started with HEX with checklists and preparation guide
  • Eight detailed step-by-step session guides

The image cards help participants to form metaphors. Images are carefully chosen and are very different in their expression and aesthetics. The word cards help participants to find words for complex thoughts. They are clearly positive, negative or neutral. Symbol cards represent something in between words and images. There are recognisable icons that help participants to share ideas in an easy and easy-to-understand way. Using metaphors, narratives and symbols, HEX  helps ensure insights related to the areas associated with doing well. The hexagonal form of the cards encourages participants to examine connections between one’s own card and other participants. In this way, the tool helps to secure learning communities.

HEX  is a professional facilitation tool. Coaches, trainers, psychologists, therapists, youth workers, teachers, career advisors, managers, HR specialists and curious individuals around the world are using it and discovering more ways of applying it every day.

DID YOU KNOW THAT 20% OF US SPEAK 80% OF THE TIME? Use HEX  to neutralise the unfortunate 80/20 dynamics, so the minority does NOT define the majority. The use of HEX  should never be an end in itself. HEX  is a tool that enables participants to achieve a higher level of understanding in relation to the subject they are exploring. Combining the handy cards with the Hands On Thinking ™ method (described in the guide provided with HEX), you can expect the tool to help you as a facilitator in your work to secure learning communities. Sample exercise guide: A good start

  1. Spread the HEX cards onto a table.
  2. Let participants find one to two cards that say something about themselves that the other participants probably do not know.

For example, you could say: “I would now ask you to choose two cards, they can be pictures, words, symbols or a mixture. The cards you choose should tell you something that most of the other participants probably do not know. ”

  1. Participants must then pair up and share their stories behind the chosen cards with each other.
  1. After two to three minutes, people find a new partner.

  Repeat the exercise five to six times.

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