Digital Strengths Cards |TEAMSCOPE+ formula
Also includes 25 SOLO+


Identify online the dynamics of your teams’ strengths as well as the individual strengths of each member, in order to optimize collective efficiency with the TEAMSCOPE+ Formula! Map the strengths of your groups in a simple way with the first French digital tool on strengths! You wish to reinforce the efficiency of your groups? You are looking for a competitive team for a project but you don’t know how to associate your collaborators with each other or where to turn to? After determining the strengths of each individual, using the SOLO+ which is included in the TEAMSCOPE+ formula, the Radar tool enables you to assess the emergence of the strengths, skills and potential of teams in order to optimise their collective performance within an organisation or system. The Radar tool assesses 50 strengths divided into 5 categories based on a scientific classification. TEAMSCOPE+ is an indispensable tool for coaches, trainers and HR for groups of up to 25 people. **Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab

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