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Also includes 25 SOLO+


Identify online the dynamics of your teams’ strengths as well as the individual strengths of each member, in order to optimize collective efficiency with the TEAMSCOPE+ Formula! Map the strengths of your groups in a simple way with the first French digital tool on strengths! You wish to reinforce the efficiency of your groups? You are looking for a competitive team for a project but you don’t know how to associate your collaborators with each other or where to turn to? After determining the strengths of each individual, using the SOLO+ which is included in the TEAMSCOPE+ formula, the Radar tool enables you to assess the emergence of the strengths, skills and potential of teams in order to optimise their collective performance within an organisation or system. The Radar tool assesses 50 strengths divided into 5 categories based on a scientific classification. TEAMSCOPE+ is an indispensable tool for coaches, trainers and HR for groups of up to 25 people. **Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab

Built as a real coaching session, the TEAMSCOPE+ is accessible to all, on any medium (PC, tablets, mobiles…), without downloading (you can nevertheless add a bookmark on your phone for easy access). Important information : The code is valid for a session with a group of 25 people maximum. Employees will have 48 hours to complete their strength sorting in order for the tool to collect the data, and will be able to modify their results for 30 days. Access to the results is unlimited. The TEAMSCOPE+ codes can only be purchased in our shop. Select the number of codes you wish to purchase, then add them to your shopping cart and validate your order. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an e-mail containing your access code and step-by-step instructions for use. If you do not receive the email within ten minutes of purchase, please check your spam filter. If you would like to give the tool to someone else, simply forward the email. If you would like a code for a session of more than 25 people, please contact us for a customised quote at What is a strength? “A strength is a pre-existing ability for a particular way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is authentic and energizing to the user, and that enables optimal functioning, development, and performance” Alex Linley, 2008. Benefits of the tool : Identifying and using one’s strengths, whether individually or collectively, helps to reinforce commitment, performance, job satisfaction and well-being in the company. How to use it? The strengths’ sorting thanks to the TEAMSCOPE+ takes place in three phases: Phase 1: the participant chooses his or her strengths according to his or her character. By dragging the card to the right, he indicates that this one is a strength. By dragging it to the left, he indicates that it is not one of his forces. If the participant does not know how to classify this force, he will drag the card down to notify him. He can return to this classification later. Phase 2: Now the participant can refine his sorting! Under the heading “my point of view”, he will classify his chosen strengths in different categories “it’s all me”, his potentials “I would like to be more”, and his skills “I’ve learned to be more”. Phase 3: What next? Everyone can look at how to mobilize their strengths, maximize their potentials, moderate their skills and minimize their weaknesses. Please note that the participant has 30 days to change his or her strength sorting, after which he or she will only have access to the consultation of his or her strength ranking. The coach has access to 3 tabs: Participants tab: the coach has access to the list of participants who have completed their strengths sort. Strengths tab: as soon as someone has completed his test, you will see the strengths, skills and potentials of the team. By clicking on a strength, you can see the names of the participants who possess it. Radar tab: the coach will see the team profile according to the 5 categories that group the different strengths: Accomplishment, Relationships, Dynamism, Perspective, Integrity. Click on each category to open the radar that groups the strengths, skills and potentials of your group in that category. With this radar, you will be able to better understand how your team functions, and develop methods to improve performance and commitment!

This product is for:

  • Companions, coaches or group facilitators
  • Managers who wish to work on the strengths of their teams

Learn more about strengths:

How can you use the strength map application to identify, develop and use a group’s strengths to the maximum? How can you use the TEAMSCOPE+ to identify, develop and maximise the use of a group’s strengths ? For coaches During or before the session, ask participants to sort out their strengths. Explain how they can use their individual rankings to learn more about their areas of optimal functioning and then adjust their work tasks and occupations. Then use the team radar to highlight their strengths as a team. This will help them to better position themselves in the set of tasks to be performed. If you have everyone’s agreement, work on each person’s individual and collective contributions. How can the competitive team strength help you in this project? How the team creative potential could be used in this activity? Who has the resilience strength? How could this help the team in a situation? For managers Get to know your team better. Discover through the radar, the strengths / skills / potentials present in your team. You will then be able to make the group progress thanks to its strengths. For example, this can help explain the choice of putting one person on one project/task compared to others. If they all wish, you can also work with each person’s individual contribution. In these exchanges, you and your reflect on how to adjust and develop the tasks/position with strengths and potentials for more commitment, performance and enjoyment. – What task would you like to do to make more use of your strengths or potentials? Identify which personal skills and strengths energise your client in a given situation. Learn to find alternatives for ones which do not. Discuss which skills and strengths your client would like to develop and ways forward to achieve this.

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