Dr Evie Rosset

Teacher-Researcher in positive psychology

An experimental psychologist by training, Evie has spent most of her career with one foot in academia (in teaching and research) and the other one out (exploring real world applications). She is particularly interested in social well-being and pro-social behavior – our desire to help others, create connection, and contribute to the greater good.

Her main expertise lies in the fields of positive psychology and nudging, with research interests around collective well-being, altruism, social change, and engagement. In order for society to take full advantage of human beings’ altruistic potential, Evie has developed a MAAC method that is based on the latest research in the psychology of motivation and engagement.

Originally from Boston, she now lives in Lyon.


Integrity, Curiosity, Gratitude

Field of intervention:

Positive relationships
Positive social psychology
Positive child development

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