Justine Chabanne

Organisational Psychologist

Justine has been employed at Positran since 2017. Consultant and trainer in positive psychology at work, Justine works in close collaboration with Ilona and researchers in Positive Psychology, drawing on the latest available data in the science of well-being at work to inform the contents of Positran’s solutions and training.

Her experience working with directors, managers and employees makes her training programmes relevant and meaningful. She actively participates in the design of Positran’s games and products in order to make theoretical concepts easily understandable and usable.

As an organisational psychologist, she also knows how to apply all the concepts of Positive Psychology to individual coaching, outplacement and skills assessment.

Based near Lyon, Justine is also in charge of the regional developments.


Explanation, Social intelligence, Openmindness

Field of intervention:

Introduction to Positive Psychology
Job crafting
Positive aging
Collective intelligence

icone A Propos

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