Digital Strengths Cards | SOLO+


Discover your strengths and align them with your work with the very first strengths application!

Drag and drop the cards to select the ones that most resemble you from the 50 available. In just 15 minutes, determine your professional assets by ranking your strengths, skills and potentials with a more in-depth selection through the use of pictograms.

Once the sorting is complete, learn how to use your strengths, moderate your skills and develop your potentials for better performance, authenticity and motivation in your life! Click on each card to see its description and personalised advice. The selection is not static, you can erase and restart if necessary.

If you wish to compare your point of view with that of your peers and colleagues then our SOLO 360+ formula is the tool for you.

Would you like to use the application for team coaching? Discover our TEAMSCOPE+ formula.

**Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab**.

Built as a real coaching session, the SOLO+ is accessible to all, on any medium, without the need to download anything.

Important information:

The codes for the use of the SOLO+ application can only be purchased in our shop. Select the number of codes you wish to purchase, then add them to your shopping cart and validate your order. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an e-mail containing your access code and step-by-step instructions for use. If you do not receive the email within ten minutes of purchase, please check your spam filter. If you would like to give the tool to someone else, simply forward the email.


Please note that the SOLO+ Formula cannot be upgraded to SOLO 360+. If you would like to receive positive feedback from your friends and family, please go directly to the SOLO 360+ Formula.

This product is for:

  • Coaches who wish to identify strengths in their client during a coaching or skills assessment session
  • Individuals looking for professional orientation or re-orientation
  • Anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and is interested in scientific research on strengths

Learn more about strengths:

How can you use the SOLO+ application to identify, develop and make the most of your strengths?

Personal use:
Identify your strengths, skills and potentials and use the results to adapt your approach to work in a way which highlights these qualities.

Individual coaching:
Encourage your client to sort and identify their personal strengths. Use this tool to help them find what allows them to be more authentic, efficient and motivated to achieve their goals.
– Identify tasks to make better use of individual strengths and maximise potentials.
– Identify which personal skills and strengths energise your client in a given situation. Learn to find alternatives for ones which do not.
– Discuss which skills and strengths your client would like to develop.

As a group:
Choose three cards that you consider to be your main strengths. Take a look at the description by clicking on the strength. Introduce yourself to the group by giving concrete examples of how you use these strengths (go beyond “I think I am a creative person…”). Each member of the group takes turns introducing themselves.

Positive feedback:
Look at the whole list of strengths/potentials/skills/other strengths: choose one or more ‘other strengths’ for members of the group, giving concrete examples of when you have seen them use that strength. This exercise is contagious; you will see the whole group naming each other’s strengths within minutes. It can also be very emotional.

Energising team projects:
Colleagues can reflect on how their strengths/potentials/skills can be used in current and future projects. Individuals can be asked to explain what attracts them and why it would be useful for them to work on particular projects.

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