Digital Strengths Cards | SOLO+


Discover your strengths and align them with your work with the very first strengths application!

Drag and drop the cards to select the ones that most resemble you from the 50 available. In just 15 minutes, determine your professional assets by ranking your strengths, skills and potentials with a more in-depth selection through the use of pictograms.

Once the sorting is complete, learn how to use your strengths, moderate your skills and develop your potentials for better performance, authenticity and motivation in your life! Click on each card to see its description and personalised advice. The selection is not static, you can erase and restart if necessary.

If you wish to compare your point of view with that of your peers and colleagues then our SOLO 360+ formula is the tool for you.

Would you like to use the application for team coaching? Discover our TEAMSCOPE+ formula.

**Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab**.

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