FULL SET Positran


Designed as an intervention case to take everywhere with you, the Positran FULL SET was created to gather all the necessary items for individual or group accompaniment of adults.

Inside the FULL SET, you will find :

  • Strengths cards: make the most of the most nuanced classification of strengths
  • Positive transformation cards: trigger lasting changes by activating psychological capital
  • Mindfulness Cards: guide positive meditations that are out of the ordinary
  • Positive Action Cards: create positive habits with 64 research-validated Positive Psychology Interventions
  • Positive Challenge and Goal Cards: access their finish time from a positive perspective
  • The WUP: creating positive organizational interventions based on 180 best practices
  • HEX Cards: help people tell their stories with 200 interlocking projective cards
  • The happiness dashboard: evaluate their level of satisfaction as a starting point for evolution
  • Happy couples roadmap: to reinforce the complicity of the couple through times

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