Digital Strengths Cards | SOLO 360+
Also includes the SOLO+


Understand your strengths in depth thanks to the feedback from your personal and professional peers with the Formula SOLO 360+! With the SOLO 360+, classify your strengths and ask those around you to choose the strengths they see in you, illustrating them with concrete examples. The SOLO 360+ can be used by up to 20 of your peers. The Radar 360 tool allows you to visualise all of this feedback and compare it with the vision you have gathered of yourself from the SOLO+, which is included in this version. This comparative analysis activates awareness and allows you to make the necessary transformations in both your personal and professional life. Would you like to use the application in the context of coaching? Discover our TEAMSCOPE+ formula. **Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab.

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