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Understand your strengths in depth thanks to the feedback from your personal and professional peers with the Formula SOLO 360+! With the SOLO 360+, classify your strengths and ask those around you to choose the strengths they see in you, illustrating them with concrete examples. The SOLO 360+ can be used by up to 20 of your peers. The Radar 360 tool allows you to visualise all of this feedback and compare it with the vision you have gathered of yourself from the SOLO+, which is included in this version. This comparative analysis activates awareness and allows you to make the necessary transformations in both your personal and professional life. Would you like to use the application in the context of coaching? Discover our TEAMSCOPE+ formula. **Before purchasing, please read the important information in the ‘Details’ tab.

Built as a real coaching session, the SOLO 360+ is accessible to all, on any medium, without the need to download anything (you can nevertheless add a bookmark on your phone for easy access). Important information: The codes for the use of the SOLO 360+ can only be purchased in our shop. Select the number of codes you wish to purchase, then add them to your shopping cart and validate your order. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an e-mail containing your access code and step-by-step instructions for use. If you do not receive the email within ten minutes of purchase, please check your spam filter. If you would like to give the tool to someone else, simply forward the email. For a personalised quote, please contact us What is a strength? “A strength is a pre-existing ability for a particular way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is authentic and energising to the user, and that enables optimal functioning, development, and performance.” (Alex Linley, 2008) Benefits of the tool: Identifying and using one’s strengths, whether individually or collectively, helps to reinforce commitment, performance, job satisfaction and well-being. SOLO 360+ Formula user manual: Once your Formula SOLO 360+ access has been received, you can begin your sorting of strengths, which will take place in two phases: Phase 1: Choose your strengths according to your character. By dragging the card to the right, you indicate that it is a strength. Dragging it to the left indicates that it is not one of your strengths. If you don’t know how to classify a strength, drag the card down to notify the app that you are unsure. You can return to this classification later. Phase 2: Now, fine-tune your sorting! In the ‘my point of view’ section, you can classify your chosen strengths into different categories e.g. ‘It’s all me…’, your potentials ‘I wish I could be more…’, and your skills ‘I’ve learned to be…’. How do you ask for the opinion of those close to you? In the ‘Home’ tab, a code will be displayed after you have finished sorting. It is this code that you have to send to your peers directly (email, SMS, WhatsApp…) so that they can give their opinion on your strengths. *Please note that each person will have to create an account in order to give their opinion. All information is and will remain completely confidential. As soon as one of your peers answers, the strengths they have attributed to you will appear in the ‘360+’ tab. In the ‘Radar’ tab, you have an overview of your own sorting results as well as the strengths assigned by your peers. In the ‘End’ tab, we explain how to use this information and what your peers see in you. What next? Learn how to use your ranking! Click on each strength to find out more and discover unique practical exercises for each strength.

This product is for:

  • Coaches who wish to identify strengths in their client during a coaching or skills assessment session and also make them aware of how others perceive them
  • Individuals who want to get to know themselves better and learn what strengths their peers see in them
  • Anyone who is interested in scientific research on strengths

Learn more about strengths:

How can you use the SOLO 360+, to identify, develop and maximise your use of personal strengths ? Personal use Identify your strengths/skills/potentials. Ask those around you to help you identify what your strengths and skills are (they can give specific examples). Use your ranking and their feedback to better understand your areas of optimal functioning and then adjust your work practices to best suit you. Individual coaching Encourage your client to sort and identify their strengths. Use the results throughout your session to help them find what allows them to be more authentic, efficient and motivated to achieve their goals. Complement a client’s self-appraisal with examples from their personal and professional peers. This feedback reinforces self-confidence. Using the results from the Radar 360 tool (which brings together self-identified strengths and peer feedback), work together to identify areas of strength and build on these to help your client approach their work in a way which maximises performance and job satisfaction. Discuss whether your client accepts the strengths their peers identified in them. Identify which personal skills and strengths energise your client in a given situation. Learn to find alternatives for ones which do not. Discuss which skills and strengths your client would like to develop and ways forward to achieve this.

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