Positive Education toolbox


After this difficult year in terms of emotions, Positran offers you this Positive Education toolbox to help children and teenagers to fully recharge their batteries and move forward in a positive way!

This set of 5 games will accompany you throughout the year and will allow you to :

  • Boost their self-confidence and share their qualities as a family with the game Let’s play strengths
  • Challenge them in fun and positive ways with the Positive Challenges game
  • Anchor positive activities and play the 7 families with The Happiness Box
  • Mobilise their resources to help them bounce back from certain situations using the SPARC model with Your Resilience Roadtrip game
  • Discover your strengths and those of your loved ones with the Strengths Cards

Fill up on fun and positive activities with your family or in a professional setting thanks to positive psychology!

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