The River Cards


The 60 cards in The River game use the Photolanguage® method and can be used in many contexts such as professional workshops, consulting, coaching and training.

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Images allow the user to create metaphors to describe a given situation or process.

If you wish to use this instrument for therapeutic purposes, we recommend that you purchase the detailed clinical use guide : The River Guide Book.

This game is for anyone who wishes to use the Photolanguage® method, whether in an individual coaching session or in a company during team meetings.

These cards can be used in several different ways:

  • Choose a single card: to represent a given situation or answer a specific question. E.g.: choose a card that represents your current professional situation.
  • Combine several cards: to create a continuum and describe the different phases of a process. E.g.: describe your career path within the company.
  • Combination of maps chosen by different users: to represent situations, processes or objectives in a group.

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